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February 7, 2005
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Star Wars Continuity... by xanykaos Star Wars Continuity... by xanykaos
...And one day, it hit me.

For the record, I like Luke. He's great. He starts out all whiny and he ends storming into Jabba's palace like he own the place and calmly saying "You will let mah friend's go, o' I'm gonna feed you that fat@$$ tail o' yo's, bee-yotch." And even when he is stil whiny little school-boy, he's a likeable character because he's not always whiny or demanding.

Anakin on the other hand...*shudder* I hated him as a child, and I despise him as an adolescent. Darth Vader has always rocked my socks. But Anakin What's the point in watching a character fall into darkness if we really don't give a d*** about him to begin with? Is his constant, @$$hat style persuing of Amidala supposed to endear him to us? Rant rant rant and so on.

ANYwayyyyy... Yeah. Sorry that Ani's not quoting the movie, but in all honesty, I could only make myself watch it the once, and this was the main gist of his lines, right? It's probably the most fun I've had with cell-style shading before. Yay. And scribbly-photoshop backgrounds because MacHall was my bread-and-butter for a few years.
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SurrealBrain Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014
WOOAAAAoooooAAAAAAHHHH! (echo, echo, echo...)

I never would have guessed.
Machaeus Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Student Writer
Rofl waffle :D
34A7B Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014
...mother of God...
tsumefan2 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
i see where he got his whiny attitude from XD
Linkzilla Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013
Well you can't really blame them for being Frustrated.
I mean - Luke was stuck on a sand farm...A SAND FARM! On a planet with TWO Suns and NO Women! He was bored out of his mind!
And Anakin - it's a really painful thing to know that you're just so much better than everyone else, but someone is trying to keep you down.
Toon-Girl-Abby Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014
And he was a slave as a kid, on top of that. In the very sandy planet with 2 suns and no women except his mother. Lucky him he was picked as a kid to be a jedi or else... Or maybe not so much...
Mrtrainfreak12 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Student Filmographer

Tv Tropes sent me. :XD: Narm obsession is a weird addiction I have. Even more so of Star Wars kind
JadeHunterKato Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
RoninHunt0987 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
XDDD pfft
NessFan123 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013
Episode 3 is the only good movie of the prequels. Even then, it is a love it or hate it thing. Oh, and Anakin was not as annoying in the Clone Wars cartoon that got CANCELLED like MANY others because Cartoon Network does not think we have gotten tired of MORE Johnny Test...
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