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December 17, 2008
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Merry and Pippin Doodles by xanykaos Merry and Pippin Doodles by xanykaos
I got to see the LotR musical (*cough*threetimes*cough*), and between that and rereading the books and finding they\'re even more powerful if you\'re far from home, well, my favourite hobbits were on my mind again.

Just some doodles of Pippin and Merry, again, done at work. And a tiny-wee grumpy Legolas at the bottom.
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I bet those two were in SO much trouble when they got home.
you have made my day!!!!
*back after watching vids of musical on youtube* oh. my. GOD.
there a LotR musical?!
AnneMarie1986 Jan 10, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm your fan,Xanykaos.And I love LOTR movie and my LOTR favorite characters are hobbits Merry and Pippin:love:.

This sketch is so amazing and Pip and Merry are so cute:hug:.Maybe you'll want to make the art revolution so I can know how your drawing style changed through the years;).I think I'll put this sketch into my favorites=).

Ugh I had more to write but I pressed send by mistake:P

I sooo wanted to watch the musical, but I live in a different country so..D: D: D: A friend of mine was in London in summer and I was SO JEALOUS! Ans she's not even a LotR fan... I wish I could be there!...
Aww... Merry and Pippin... They're so awesome! Two of my favourite characters ever!=D And your sketches are wonderful, I love all the expressions=)
Leaviel Dec 19, 2008  Hobbyist Artist
AH!!!!! I LOVE Merry and Pippin!!!! They were the original Fred and George (to me)! And their Hobbit-y wonderfulness... oh, I want to hug both of them!!! And your drawings are so CUUUUUUTE!!!!
DAMMIT! Now I wanna re-watch the Merry and Pippin scenes in LotR again!
Huzzah for two of my favorite characters in the books. Were they special? NO! Were they in any way responsable for the events in the beginning? NO! Were they indebted to Frodo in any way to make them help him? NOO! They were just a pair of awesome cousins/friends who helped their buddy out when he needed it like air. They kept their spirits, they helped save the world, they were believable, fallable, and hilarious drunks, and they recovered in the end more than Frodo or Sam ever did. And come on, they have awesome names. I want to name my son Patrick and call him Pip, just because the Hobbit was the first 'real' chapter book I ever read as a child. Don't tell my husband. And a daughter named Madeline(Maddy).
EXACTLY why I love these guys. Especially Pip. I relate to him way too much, with the snark and spoiled nature, but the overall ... everything, really. He's my favourite character ever, and for all the reasons you named.

Patrick's such a great name...though if I had a kid named that, he'd be saddled with "Trick" as a nickname...I've had that in mind since reading Indian in the Cupboard when I was a wee kiddie (my first chapter book).
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